Por la vista, el bien y el mal nos llegan, ojos que nada ven, almas que nada esperan.

Carlos Pellicer

mexican poet

All the materials that are used are a deep tribute to:

the light, the transparency, the engraving.

Looking in silence for the serenity, the amazement...


The parchment, an obsession which talks to us as if it was an oracle.

The perforations, a gentle search into the emptiness.

The skin, is universal, its touch represents all of us with different scents.


This emotion has grown with us.


This team adventure began some years ago between Javier Maya & Estela Arteche.

Years of learning this profession with the architecture and with the space has given us the essence, the substance to work the "small scale" with artists, upholsterers and carpenters.

Always thinking if it would be possible to preserve the sensuality of the materials in the final work.


The real and virtual spaces which accompany these crafts have found a special welcome in our daily work.